Monday, 20 August 2007


DCS Blogs Alert for: Disability discrimination act

All Service Providers The DDA Affects You Do Not Ingnore This Article
By David Cant
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Part Three applies to all "services Providers"that is, anyone who provides goods or services to the public, whether for profit or not. Accordingly, the scopeof the DDA is enormous, covering for ...
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DCS Blogs Alert for: Disability discrimination act

Yours, Outraged
By rachelcreative
Employers who find ways around the Disability Discrimination Act and leave people able to work jobless. Who shirk their repsonibility in retiring employees on the grounds of ill health because of the common perception that a cure is ...
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Disability Discrimination Act
By tribunaly yours(tribunaly yours)
As a point of clarification here, by disabled I mean covered by the disability discrimination act. I would not clasify myself as disabled. My twin sister has cerebal palsy, she cannot walk, talk, feed, wash or dress herself, ...
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Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo.......
By Lorraine Hershon(Lorraine Hershon)
park are now completed completing our compliance to the Disability Discrimination Act. This is a quote from the website of the South Lakes Wild Animal Park and reading this youd think Oh this looks ok, infact its all pretty accessible. ...
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