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DCS Blogs Alert for: Disability discrimination act

Ten Quick Tests To Check Your Website For Accessibility
By admin
The Disability Discrimination Act says that websites must be made accessible to disabled people. So how can you check that your website is up to par? There are a number of basic tests you can make to address some of the main issues that ...
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DCS News Alert for: Disability discrimination act

Advice on mental health at work
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press - Norfolk,England,UK
... at employers' legal duties under the Disability Discrimination Act. the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health and the Department for Work and Pensions. ...
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Landlord discriminated against disabled tenant
Times Online - UK
The judge had held that the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 did not apply because the tenant had lost his security of tenure, that he was not a disabled ...
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Embracing the equality agenda
Inverness Courier - Inverness,Scotland,UK
Does the Disability Discrimination Act cover firms of all sizes? (Yes). Is a business responsible for what its employment agency does? (Yes). ...
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DCS Blogs Alert for: Disability discrimination act

Employment Law: Time Limits for Bringing Employment Tribunal Claims
By jeanmichelmakino
There are similar provisions under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The tribunal decided that:- The complaint of unfair dismissal had not been presented within the three-month time limit, pursuant to s 111 of the Employment ...
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Get off your high horse...
By fishingwife
... so what qualifies you to do this, there are regulations etc you need to no about, have you been on an access audit course and the information you are giving to this fishing complies with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1995). ...
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DCS Blogs Alert for: Disability Equality Duty

TechDis Briefing: From Good Intentions to Good Practice
By Carol Walker
New publication from TechDis - Senior Management Briefing 5 - From Good Intentions to Good Practice: Making the Disability Equality Duty Meaningful. It looks at the Disability Equality Schemes produced by FE colleges, and how to make ...
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