Friday, 23 November 2007


DCS News Alert for: Disability Equality Duty

Towns celebrate No Barriers Day
Wiltshire Times - UK
By Wiltshire Times Reporter COMMUNITIES across Wiltshire are holding a series of events on December 3 to promote disability equality and mark the ...
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DCS Blogs Alert for: Disability Equality Duty

CEHR inquiries
By micox(micox)
I think this is discriminatory and a breach of the Disability Equality Duty. Can you please advise. 2. Similarly, I am of the opinion that the use of eligibility criteria for the provision of services may also be a breach of the ...
PPlog -

DCS News Alert for: Disability discrimination act

EU disability petition gathers 1.2 million signatures
Times of Malta - Valletta,Malta
Almost 2400 Maltese citizens have signed an EU-wide petition calling for non-discrimination towards disabled people. The petition, with 1.2 million ...
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Promoting disability equality
Teaching Expertise - London,UK
Margaret Collins offers some practical suggestions to help you meet the challenge The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) sets out a general duty to promote ...
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DCS Blogs Alert for: Disability discrimination act

Blog Question Week 9
By Wasim(Wasim)
There seems to be widespread speculation about the legislation introduced under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), which ensures that websites are accessible to blind and disabled users. As you know the chances are you'll come up ...
A1W Blog Of Wasim Ramzan -

Week9: Disability and Websites
By Luke Lanchester(Luke Lanchester)
Under the Section 21 of the UK Disability Discrimination Act 1995, any UK business website must make reasonable adjustments to its site such that disabled visitors can still access their services. In 2003 the Sydney Olympics website was ...
Luke Lanchester @ BCU -

Website Accessibility Important For Disabled Visitors
By rumbadance81421(rumbadance81421)
Disability Discrimination Act The Disability Discrimination Act ascerts that website owners have had a legal duty, since October 1999, to ensure that all services provided via their website are accessible to disabled people. ...
Rumba Dance78309 -


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