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DCS Blogs Alert for: Disability Equality Duty

UNISON National LGBT Conference 2007
By Louise(Louise)
... the deportaion of treatment of people with HIV and Aids, Black and Disabled Members network Days, Human Tissue and Embryology Act, Single Equality Bill, Disability Equality Duty, Beyond the Barriers and a composite motion on Burma. ...
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DCS News Alert for: Disability discrimination act

Mum takes school to tribunal
Comet 24 - Welwyn Garden City,England,UK
A MOTHER is taking a junior school to a tribunal on the grounds that it has contravened the Disability Discrimination Act in the treatment of her son. ...
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DCS Blogs Alert for: Disability discrimination act

Advise to a visually disable friend to complain on a website they ...
By C07406631(C07406631)
Maguire case is important because it used both the WAI guidelines and the Australian Disability and Discrimination Act which is very similar to its UK equivalent to arrive at the final decision. Section 21 of the Disability and ...
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Inclusive Design Research
By Joanna Flynn(Joanna Flynn)
Private and public sector websites face accessibility obligations under the country's Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Struan Robertson, Editor of OUT-LAW and a Senior Associate with Pinsent Masons, said there is growing awareness ...
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Website Accessibility Important For Disabled Visitors
By michele96752(michele96752)
Disability Discrimination Act The Disability Discrimination Act ascerts that website owners have had a legal duty, since October 1999, to ensure that all services provided via their website are accessible to disabled people. ...
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